Durham Innovation District

A new innovation hub at Aykley Heads

Durham Innovation District is an emerging 62 hectare nationally significant innovation district in the heart of Durham city.

At its core is the 16 hectare Aykley Heads development, a first-class site that will deliver high quality facilities in an innovation ecosystem that allows businesses to thrive.

The development will drive a step change in economic growth, providing up to 4,000 jobs and 38,468 sqm of commercial space.

Durham Innovation District is led by Durham County Council and Global top 100 Durham University, with opportunities for a private sector partner to come in and help deliver on the shared ambition.

Bringing the development to fruition will increase the pipeline of specialist talent in the local labour market, tie together several of Durham assets in an interconnected network and increase the vibrancy and footfall in the town centre.

Size: 62 hectares
Ownership: Durham County Council
Uses: Commercial, Research and Development
Status: Hybrid planning consent is in place and live procurement exercise is underway for a joint venture partner due to be announced in 2025.
Opportunity: Private sector partner to enter into a joint venture with Durham County Council.